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where is your boy tonight?

First of all. I need to stop reading The Huffington Post. Secondly, FUCK YES, COLIN POWELL! WAY TO BE AWESOME. Not that this sentiment is particularly NEW, but... YESSSS. Thirdly, "W." was EXCELLENT. Go see it :) If you can go with 9 or 10 fellow sushi-lovers and discuss at length at an Applebee's when you're done, that is also highly recommended ;)

Lastly, and largely unrelated...

In your very near future, you will be experiencing the living, breathing reality of .

Followed a few days later by .

And then a few days later by more and also .

And lastly, even more .

SO... Can you please stop dwelling on ?



Oct. 26th, 2008 12:25 am (UTC)
Oh, hey, can you folder that? I need it for the meme thingy.