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The Babelfish lyrics meme:
1) Put your iPod/Winamp/Whatever on shuffle and pick the first ten songs. Choose ten songs off your playlist that a) have lyrics and b) people might actually recognize.
2) Take the chorus and plug the lyrics into Babelfish.
3) Change them to Spanish.
4) Change those results to French.
5) Then change the results back to English.
6) Post the results here and let people try to guess what the song is.

1) Consequently, the sally can l' to wait knows she' ; S too
late like we' ; Re to go lighting by its heart slips far but
don' ; supervised T in cholera, I heard to him behind saying

2) To carry the weight AND l' impulse in the It' sky
S easier to lie more of easy to lie

3) You managed to be good being, cruel in correct
measurement good being, cruel it' ; very good sample
of the S.A good being, Cruel means that I t' like, you
drink (you managed to be cruel) managed to be cruel
good being

4) L' love can move it takes it more deep each once Can
make that the most obscure moments appear like
heaven' ; S is sharp love can move it with a place in its
heart Where you can fear it n' there does not have
badly and acceptance a natural part of life.
Love Can Move You ~:~ Savage Garden guessed by lilacroadie

5) Prince Ali! Beautiful it is, Ali Ababwa that constitution! How I can speak Faible in the Bien knee, obtain lighting towards outside in this square Adjustment its veil and has prepárese For papar flies and grovel and to fixedly supervise prince Ali!
Prince Ali ~:~ Aladdin Soundtrack guessed by lilacroadie

6) Well, I keep in thinkin' ; ' ; to you Surprise d' fights;
however of the hair the sister AND d' I hardly can' ; T
screw without you Can' ; T see it to you in my eyes
Maintenant, I' ; He SEES the poor AIDS AND I'
corresponding; Stay also SEES, it to find But doesn' too with difficulty; ;
you negotiates T ain' ; T be in my spirit
(LOL - this has always been one of my favorite songs, but good luck guessing it)

7) Don' ; T which you forget I
Don' ; T, don' ; T, don' ; T, don' ; T
Don' ; T which you forget I
Don't You (Forget About Me) ~:~ Simple Minds <333 guessed by lilacroadie

8) He' ; S.A. obtained its arm around each man' ; ideal
crumbs of S in its beard of what is special oh can' ;
molluscs and shellfish; T which you see that fall my
distinct world drinks leaves s' you like it with the Laissez
motorcylcist the motorcylcist Cassez his heart
Leave The Biker ~:~ Fountains of Wayne guessed by lilacroadie

9) I' ; m has taste d' a bird, j' one steals only I don' ; T
knows where my heart is (l' heart is) I don' ; T knows
where it is my house AND all drinks it that need so that
you know would be I' ; m has taste d' a bird, I' ; fly of
the L only far
I'm Like A Bird ~:~ Nelly Furtado guessed by lilacroadie

10) I' ; saddened; m one does not direct
I' now; ; m qu' it goes in spiderwebs
Laissez so much a message and I' ; call of the L you behind.
A probable history, but
Leave a message and I' ; call of the L you behind.
Spiderwebs ~:~ No Doubt guessed by lilacroadie

insomnia requires a lot more meme-age.

11) I can say to goal of the tank that which you want to be only with him (only with him)

12) rasguño of the I a life, it ain' ; the easy
You of T knows it' ; friction of the S.A
I' ; m qu' it always pays, never you made him the
But can' ; supervised T behind wonder of the
I if I' ; the L never obtains *To where I want to be the *Better him it creates by
I' ; m which works for the machine d' manpower

13) Must delays a life for the odious eyes brilliance of the
To again?
Cause we find in the same old man problem
Singin' ; roucoulements drunk

14) So I' ; the L obtains some
And Cristos Mountain which we all can go we see binding the
Well I it can not be a looker indeed
But I' ; of the L you any manner helps can

15) Are which grows or hardly which goes downwards?
It' ; S hardly a jusqu' matter of time; with we' ; with regard to discovered all the
Take our rasgones, put ' ; EM in the ice
' ; Cause I swears, I' ; of D this city will quemadura to show to him to the bottom the light
Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year ~:~ Fall Out Boy guessed by lilacroadie

16) I do not want to work
I want to strike in the drum all the day
I do not want to play
I want to hardly strike in the drum all the day
(Um... freebie?)
Bang On The Drum All Day ~:~ Todd Rundgren the obvious stated by lilacroadie



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Sep. 8th, 2008 03:34 am (UTC)
4) Love Can Move You - Savage Garden
5) Prince Ali - Aladdin
7) Don't You Forget About Me?
8) Leave The Biker??? lmao
9) I'm Like A Bird - Nelly Furtado??
10) Spiderwebs - No Doubt
15) Sophmore Slump - FOB
16) bang on the drum all day!
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