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i seriously feel like kicking myself...

Several things were weird about this show. First of all I went by myself. Ugh. Like, at Mika it didn't matter because Mika fans are nerdy and fun and actually like music and they're friendly and they talk to each other and Mika shows are really a big fucking party with like... animal suits and rainbow confetti.

The We the Kings audience seemed to be comprised of mostly snobby hipster teens, which I sort of anticipated, but like... DAMN. I mean, that's really not fair, they were alright. Just young. I can't hate, I've been there. They were having a good time, so was I. But like I have never seen so many people at a show so preoccupied with their cell phones. Man, I remember going to shows where they confiscated your cell phones and cameras before you even went in, so I didn't take mine. I mean and that was before phones were ALSO cameras, which I now REALLY wish mine was :(

Next thing that was weird was how EARLY it was. I don't think I've been to a show where the DOORS were before 7pm, let alone the first band. Like there was actual music happening before it was even dark (6:30pm). And they were DONE before it was even dark (7:10pm). Also there were lights still on at the back of the club which was weird.

But okay, here's the thing - so this We the Kings show was just such a poorly planned deal on my part... like... I heard about the concert, wanted to go to the concert, bought tickets via ticketmaster... had them held at will call, only like... I didn't get a physical ticket. That's okay, they let me in but seriousy, I left my camera in the car because I didn't think I could have it... I don't have a cameraphone, I don't actually own the cd, and didn't even get a ticket stub out of the deal...

So, of course, three bands open for We the Kings and then they come on and do like a TWENTY MINUTE SET... maybe even like 15 minutes. Shortest one of all because all ages shows have to be over by 10pm in Lancaster. Now, their set was done at like 9:15, but the reason they cut it off early is so they could come out and meet all the fans. Like... ALL the fans. Which was great/annoying/weird/sad because I had like NOTHING. So I said I just found out about the show today and came straight from work, hence the total unpreparedness. Travis just hugged me, thanked me for showing up and said he was glad I decided to come :) But ARGH! A camera would have been SO helpful. Or... any signable item at all. But it was sweet and it was enough and it was a fun show, and I was glad I decided to go, too.

Kingsfoil was pretty cool, too. They're doing a free show in Millersville that I might go to. The guys were really nice and next time I will take my freakin' camera. AUGH!