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Dec. 5th, 2008

Your rainbow is shaded green.


What is says about you: You are an intelligent person. You feel strong ties to nature and your mood changes with its cycles. Those around you admire your fresh outlook and vitality.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

In case anyone is reading...

Go to this website NOW.

Okay, if you're not feeling so adventurous and you actually NEED a pitch... if you like(d) Pandora, muxtape (r.i.p.), or last.fm and you want to discover some cool new music... this is the place. Okay, when you get there, it's all gonna seem a little overwhelming and crazycakes at first. My advice, just click on something. If you want more specific guidance, I'll link some artists below. But sign up, and just start playing songs. It doesn't do the things that other sites do, where you can only listen to a mix once in order, or just shuffles random song after random song at you, to make sure labels don't get their panties in a twist over "on demand" listening. You'll find the odd song that's cheated up by some poser, but most of the songs are uploaded by the bands and they WANT you to listen to them, A LOT. Songs make it onto the homepage by way of users bumping them, so the more you listen and bump, the more visibility they get, etc. You can also download some of the songs for free, or buy DRM-free copies from amazon if you REALLY like them, which obviously helps the bands even more. And you will obviously be discovering loads of cool new music that you wouldn't otherwise. Sold yet? If not, try these artists...

The Monolators
Speechwriters LLC
Bishop Allen
Andrea Wittgens


where is your boy tonight?

First of all. I need to stop reading The Huffington Post. Secondly, FUCK YES, COLIN POWELL! WAY TO BE AWESOME. Not that this sentiment is particularly NEW, but... YESSSS. Thirdly, "W." was EXCELLENT. Go see it :) If you can go with 9 or 10 fellow sushi-lovers and discuss at length at an Applebee's when you're done, that is also highly recommended ;)

Lastly, and largely unrelated...

Dear brain,Collapse )


Kingsfoil + Ting Tings = aweseome.

I can't decide!!!

Poll #1261013 This weekend...

If we're offered overtime this Saturday, should I...

just work the overtime?
skip it in the morning for the Apple Store grand opening?
skip it in the morning for a photowalk through Central Market?
skip it all day to go to the Renaissance Fair?
skip the afternoon to go to a kayak/hike/bike/geocache outing?
work it and go the boardgames meetup later?
work it and go the Kingsfoil show on Sunday? (aka skip some or all of part time job)
skip it all to stay home and clean?
skip it all and go to Equus as originally planned?
decide at the last minute?


Kingsfoil rocks my world :)

Okay, so remember when I was like, "Hey, I can't believe I am so stupid" when I went to that We the Kings show at the Chameleon Club? Well, I am SOOO over that, because that's where I first heard Kingsfoil and they were amazing and so I bought their cd. Well, one of them, "Bear In The Attic". I am telling you, since August 27th, I have WORN. IT. OUT. I have sent the songs to everybody who would take them, burned them onto my Philly disc drop, stuck stickers everywhere, put them up on myspace and loaded them onto my ipod. You get it, Kingsfoil... all the time.

So, The Fratellis show was... well, I want to say a disaster, but it wasn't exactly. I think it was more that it was a tremendous let down through no fault of their own. The sound in that place was just incredibly poor. I was so ramped up for that concert, they are seriously one of my favorite bands ever, I was SO EXCITED about finally being able to see them, and it was just... not cool. Anyway, I'll review that show properly later, but my point really is that... I just didn't really feel like doing or going to anything after that. But Kingsfoil is from York, and I liked them, and their album seemed to pass muster (unlike The Midway State who are fun as hell live, unimaginably bland on record), and they were playing a free show at Millersville's Club DeVille.

So I had decided that I would go. Millersville is like a 15 minute drive from Lancaster, so I could just swing by after work and then go home. No big deal. It's not costing me anything, it's not really out of my way... I'll just go. The more I listened to the cd, the more I was anticipating it, which worried me a bit, but I didn't get that feeling... that sort of weird knot that says, "You know better, just don't do it..." and instead was going, "Okay, well... what have you got to lose?" So, today FINALLY came and this is how the show went.

Got there early. VERY early, but I didn't want to sit in the car for two hours, so I went into the SMC and wandered around aimlessly until a little after 6pm. Killed some time watching House in the lobby by the info desk. In retrospect, I probably should have just gone down to the Club and taken a seat, but I felt so awkward about not being an MU student that it was hard to go in even when the concert was close to beginning. But I did.

I found a seat at a table near the back and started rambling in my journal. Two girls came over and asked if they could sit down and proceeded to be very annoying for a very long time.

The first band was The Mint and they were pretty good. I mean, I really wasn't expecting a lot, but I was impressed. The girls were annoying throughout this band. I'm not sure who they came to see, if anyone, or if they just kinda wandered in, but they were there, they were annoying and that was that. Next up was some band from Philly called The Goodnight Anthem. They were actually incredibly fun, and if it weren't for the annoying girls, I probably would have gotten up and gone up front to the stage, but I was kind of trapped against the wall. Anyway, at some point they got up to go to the merch booth and I could at least stand up. When they finished their set, I bought their cd because it was only $5 and their set was SO much fun and it got me out of my back corner and gave me the opportunity to move up to the front.

So let me first say this... the (temporarily) annoying girls notwithstanding, this concert was amazing if only for the fact that none of the things I hate about concerts happened:

- no sucky openers
- no waiting FOREVER between bands (they all set up and removed their own gear)
- no pushing or shoving necessary to get up front
- no getting smooshed by inconsiderate assholes
- no loud drunk people
- no couples making out in front of me
- no tall people standing at the front
- no security rifling through your bags
- no sloped floors
- no stage
- no crazy lights/blinding spots
- no REALLY CRAPPY sound systems
- no ringing in my ears afterwards

The whole venue was probably as big as my living room, and yet there was none of that bullshit that happens in places ten times the size. I am sure I can name most of the reasons for that, but the point really is just that it was a VERY welcome change.

What did happen was...

- the bands sets up their own gear
- the bands did their own sound checks
- the bands had to walk through the crowd to set up/tear down/take the "stage"
- the bands man their own merch booths (well, they have other people for when they're actually playing)
- the bands can actually SEE you from stage (even if you are in the back)
- the bands hangs out before/during/after their sets

And there were places to sit if you were so inclined. I wasn't. At least not for Kingsfoil, so I got right up front. Crazy. I just walked up to a spot and there I was. And it was SUCH a good place to be. I mean, I think I was less than ten feet from the band. Dancing, bouncing around, singing along, and all in all having a fucking AWESOME time. I was caught singing along a couple of times, but would totally forget the lyrics when Jordan made eye contact and would sort of start singing *at* me. It was thrilling and unnerving at the same time. I'm used to being more or less anonymous. Y'know, just another face in the crowd, and I was having so much fun that I would forget that I wasn't and then rememeber when it was like, "Oh shit... they're looking." Anyway, good times.

I didn't hang around to chat. I should have, but I was like, "Welllll... I have work in the morning..." etc. Excuses, excuses :p Although, that is true, and it was probably the smart thing to do. Normally, I want to kick myself when I miss those kinds of opportunities, but in this case... I dunno, I felt fine just kinda walking away thrilled and happy and glad I went. It really was enough. Maybe next time. Because, yes, I will be going back :) A lot.

Anyway, so that's it. Check out the band, buy their cds, and see them live if you can. You will be amazed.

Anyway, I think that's it for now :) G'night.
The Babelfish lyrics meme:
1) Put your iPod/Winamp/Whatever on shuffle and pick the first ten songs. Choose ten songs off your playlist that a) have lyrics and b) people might actually recognize.
2) Take the chorus and plug the lyrics into Babelfish.
3) Change them to Spanish.
4) Change those results to French.
5) Then change the results back to English.
6) Post the results here and let people try to guess what the song is.

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the night was spent and my money was young and i had to get home before my neck was wrung

That was sort of Thurs/Fri in a nutshell... lol. The long version will have to wait until my workday from hell is over.

I think we have to meet this tour at another stop and like kidnap Electric Touch. I am seriously considering Washington, D.C. I might also seriously be nuts, but I did kind of love them.

The Toxic Airborne Event (?) can DIAF... maybe. The TLA, it turns out, may not be the fairest place to make those judgments. But I'm not sure I'd last through another one of their infinite (andnotinagoodway) sets. It was nearly impossible the first time.

The Fratellis.... will have to wait until I'm home for real.

i seriously feel like kicking myself...

Several things were weird about this show. First of all I went by myself. Ugh. Like, at Mika it didn't matter because Mika fans are nerdy and fun and actually like music and they're friendly and they talk to each other and Mika shows are really a big fucking party with like... animal suits and rainbow confetti.

The We the Kings audience seemed to be comprised of mostly snobby hipster teens, which I sort of anticipated, but like... DAMN. I mean, that's really not fair, they were alright. Just young. I can't hate, I've been there. They were having a good time, so was I. But like I have never seen so many people at a show so preoccupied with their cell phones. Man, I remember going to shows where they confiscated your cell phones and cameras before you even went in, so I didn't take mine. I mean and that was before phones were ALSO cameras, which I now REALLY wish mine was :(

Next thing that was weird was how EARLY it was. I don't think I've been to a show where the DOORS were before 7pm, let alone the first band. Like there was actual music happening before it was even dark (6:30pm). And they were DONE before it was even dark (7:10pm). Also there were lights still on at the back of the club which was weird.

But okay, here's the thing - so this We the Kings show was just such a poorly planned deal on my part... like... I heard about the concert, wanted to go to the concert, bought tickets via ticketmaster... had them held at will call, only like... I didn't get a physical ticket. That's okay, they let me in but seriousy, I left my camera in the car because I didn't think I could have it... I don't have a cameraphone, I don't actually own the cd, and didn't even get a ticket stub out of the deal...

So, of course, three bands open for We the Kings and then they come on and do like a TWENTY MINUTE SET... maybe even like 15 minutes. Shortest one of all because all ages shows have to be over by 10pm in Lancaster. Now, their set was done at like 9:15, but the reason they cut it off early is so they could come out and meet all the fans. Like... ALL the fans. Which was great/annoying/weird/sad because I had like NOTHING. So I said I just found out about the show today and came straight from work, hence the total unpreparedness. Travis just hugged me, thanked me for showing up and said he was glad I decided to come :) But ARGH! A camera would have been SO helpful. Or... any signable item at all. But it was sweet and it was enough and it was a fun show, and I was glad I decided to go, too.

Kingsfoil was pretty cool, too. They're doing a free show in Millersville that I might go to. The guys were really nice and next time I will take my freakin' camera. AUGH!